Charles Blais-Dionne

Founder & Agent

PHPA Certified

Charles is a young and driven entrepreneur who founded the agency back in 2017 while attending

Concordia University.

A student-athlete in the past himself, Charles experienced the importance of discipline hands on, competing in two sports in spite of a full course load.

He sharpened his focus at a young age in order to excel at working with players from all over the world.

Charles values relationships and respect in every aspect of his life, which shows in the genuine care he exerts towards the talent he takes on.

Jessy Morin

Partner & Agent

PHPA Certified

Jessy is a passionate and hockey-minded former player determined to bring a new approach to the game.

Contributing his experience as a QMJHL scout, Jessy focuses on player development, both on and off the ice.


A bachelor's graduate from the John Molson School of Business, Jessy masters the art of helping young talent grow into professional athletes.


Nicolas Ravier

European Associate

Nicolas has been working as a player agent for the past 10 years. He masters the professional hockey market in several european countries.


His main focus is always to find the best fit as possible between the player and the team.  He has also been implicated in the hockey community as a head coach and a scout in the past

Based in the city of Amiens in France, Nicolas enjoys helping players and families that value communication and trust.